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  1. Jay Bartel on April 26, 2017 at 1:49 am

    I recently saw a news report on TV about a proposed treatment facility in Bridge Creek for individuals with addictive problems and the public outcry was “NOT HERE”. I am the board chairman of such a facility in NW Oklahoma. I believe the reason people don’t want such a facility is they haven’t thought thru their response. The individuals that go to such places are generally wanting help and are there to get past this stage in their lives. Residents of such facilities that do not comply with requirements of the program are generally removed and must find housing elsewhere. The more dangerous element are the ones still on the street pushing and using in your neighborhoods. I have seen instances where the real problem lived next door to the individuals making the greatest protest about such facilities and programs. I urge you to take some time and think about this question: “Would you rather have the user on the street using and selling or in a structured program getting help?” Sincerely, Jay Bartel

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