Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Harold BridgesSubmitted: 7/11/2009
I know that new construction is important to Mustang whether it is new homes or a new business, but it seems that the contractors are not good at cleaning up their mess they leave in neighborhoods. Someone has to clean it why shouldn't the people that made the mess clean it up. We live here....they don't. Thanks Harold Bridges

Submitted By: H. BridgesSubmitted: 10/2/2009
I have lived in Mustang,OK since May,2008. We have a concrete drainage ditch behind our house. The ditch never drains and stands with about 3-4 inches of water in it year round. The city has agreed that it was not constructed properly to drain. This ditch is a breeding place for mosquitos and other bugs, we also have snakes and frogs in our back yard from this ditch. The city refuses to correct the problem even after admitting it was not constructed right. The developer was ERC, but the city won't even force them to fix the problem. The neighborhood feels this situation is a public health and nuisance issue. The city of Mustang will not help with this problem...can anyone help?? Thanks H. Bridges

Submitted By: drummerchrisSubmitted: 10/27/2009
I agree with H. Bridges! Something has to be done about the drainage ditch! We have been here since Feb. 2007 and they promised to keep it cleared out then! We love Mustang but are thinking about moving because nothing ever gets done in this town that is promised! Thanks... dc

Submitted By: H. BridgesSubmitted: 10/27/2009
I have reported many code violations involving the home builders and the devolpers to the city, but the city will not enforce their own city codes. It just makes me believe that city is in bed with the builders. New homes are good for Mustang, but not good when it hurts the citizens and goes against the city codes and laws. Also the drainage ditch I reported about earlier is in the city's utility easement!

Submitted By: H. BridgesSubmitted: 10/27/2009
Thanks "DC" for your opinion. You are exactly right...nothing ever gets done.

Submitted By: H. BridgesSubmitted: 4/10/2010
It seems that there is more and more crime going on in Mustang. We could hire more police officers, but our city manager has to paid $80k/year plus a car, gas, and mileage allowance to set on his hands and not do much for the city. What's wrong with this picture.....something is!!!

Submitted By: Harold B.Submitted: 6/1/2010
Home Buyers...... Beware of the new home builders and the sales rep's that tell you about the new home you are looking at. I know for a fact from personal experience that the builders and the property developers are not telling the truth about where the property lines are and how much property that you are responsible for. I am sure that the city knows this also because all they want is your property don't count on the city to inform you of the scam. The city must have something going with the new home builders and the developers to keep this quiet. The new home buyer can end up owning and being responsible for infrastructure that any where else the city would be responsible, but not in Mustang. The city of Mustang is very good at skirting and pushing their responsibility on the new home buyers. Beware......... Harold

Submitted By: KimSubmitted: 9/23/2010
Does anyone remember a story in the paper about rental properties that should have inspections done on them before they can be rented? And who someone would contact to turn in a landlord that doesn't take care of the housing?? HELP

Submitted By: MikeSubmitted: 9/23/2010
I read the story "dont take away our western days enjoyment" I have lived in mustang all my life. I loved this town (still do just not where it is heading). I could remember being able to leave your home and not worry if you locked your door or not. You could walk across 152 and not see a car for miles. When you new who everyone was. When city official's (which many I do not believe were from mustang) decided to start the whole "city with a vision" campaign I wonder if thier vision included, overcrowded schools, Increased Auto accidents, increased home robberies, increased auto burgalaries, I do not know the exact numbers, but I can guess over the last 15 yrs Crime has risen 100%. just reading the police blotter. Its a shame a mother cant drop her child off at daycare without some thug stealing her purse. daycare is high enough as it is. I have witnessed more accidents at the McDonald's intersection in the past 5 years than my whole life in this town, but no one does anything about it. I used to love wetern days,now it is a complete nightmare, you cant make your way through town the crowds are so bad that when you try to navigate through, the kids act like they dont care if they are in your way. So if this is what our city officials vision of "city with a vision" is, then I say job well done. You helped increase Crime,Overcrowded schools and increased insurance premiums. Still love my home town, but I am ashamed that the all mighty dollar took front seat to quiet family living!

Submitted By: possibly moving hereSubmitted: 11/29/2010
Whats it like in mustang? and whats the rental properties like? I am looking for a decent house in a decent area to live and mustang is just right out side OKC and a good place for the kids to grow up and be safe

Submitted By: H BridgesSubmitted: 2/8/2011
During our last big ice and snow storm the intersections inside Sara Pointe East were impassible. I contacted our ward 1 commissioner to see if he could have our intersections plowed, but got no answer from him. I told him that the intersections were causing most drivers to get stuck and needing help to get unstuck and because of this I was concerned if even the fire dept. or EMS could get into our neighborhood to help in an emergency. He did not respond to this situation. Just a warning to all citizens here in Mustang.

Submitted By: ClydeSubmitted: 7/30/2011
Sure would like to see a section in the Choctaw Times for public comment/letters to the editor.

Submitted By: joe f.Submitted: 9/21/2011
looks more like a rant page

Submitted By: S. MillerSubmitted: 9/25/2011
I just wanted to post something concerning the possible appearance of Westboro Baptist in Mustang tomorrow. In the article from yesterday, the police chief said he had not heard of the protest yet but if they showed up they would treat them as any other public demonstration. I am just wondering if Mustang police are going to uphold a bill that was passed in April meant to hinder WBC.,0,2078115.story According to KFOR, the bill prohibits picketing 2 hours before and after the service. The protest is scheduled for 12:15, WBC's website even shows this. And the service is at 1. I understand they have a constitutional right to free speech but OK has laws and just because they're from KS doesn't mean they don't have to follow them.

Submitted By: A Concerned ParentSubmitted: 9/28/2011
We have a MAJOR problem on our hands folks and we must do something NOW. Please read this all the way through before you conclude that I am bashing on a single person. I have first hand knowledge on everything I am about to say and some way, some how, we must come together on these issues. 1 - Drugs in our community: Just by saying this some would suggest it gives Mustang a black eye and that's why it isn't address or is kept "hush-hush". Chief Foley recently stated in his interview about Chief Bryan's case "Mustang is a very unique and wonderful and safe community... People here know they are living in a safe community... It is a very safe and close-knit community". Folks, our city is NOT as he would like you to believe this. I will stop right here and say this is not a direct reflection on Chief Foley, he is new and he was handed this problem, but if something isn't done then he is no better than any previous Chief's. Were not just talking about "pot" folks, we have very hard drugs on our streets and our city is turning their head on this problem. I think the officers would be proactive if they were allowed, but they are told to not get tied up on cases that take a lot of time (I know this for a fact!), ensure they are available because of staffing and drug cases do take a lot of time. You might not know this, but you can buy Heroine... that's right... you can buy Black Tar Heroine on the streets in Mustang Oklahoma as well as Cocaine, Meth and many other hard drugs. The shocker about this is, your kids may be the ones buying it. Yep, it's right here in our schools… which leads me to number 2. 2 - Our school, especially the high school: Folks, our children are in trouble. I am going to speak about one particular person here, but there is no way around it. The assistant principal at the high school has to go. He plays the "favorites" game way too much. He will completely over look kids with tobacco and other violations if he is "friends" with a kid or their parent. If the kid or parent is not a "friend", then he may or may not do anything at all. It has been said that he is a very busy man and can't take care of everything. Well, if he can't then he needs to move aside and let someone that can and if the principal tries to protect him, then she needs to go too. Another problem we have is the police officer at the high school. The problem is not with him directly and I am sure he is a good officer, but he has been there too long and has become a robot to the school administration. To explain, it has been said that he can not enforce any rule or law without the administrations permission. This is not what he is there for and if the administration gets in the way, he should charge them. The best solution for this is to rotate different officers in so that the officer doesn't feel as if he were part of the general staff. This would cut any favors or relationships down and allow for laws to be enforced. Lastly on this topic… The parents and staff whom has students within the school. This is a major problem and what I would call a "click". As with the officer, the staff doesn't want to offend/cause problems with their co-workers or friends by disciplining their child and way to much is over looked. We are not sending the right messages to these kids and guess what, they are the ones on the street breaking into the cars late at night or worse, shooting heroine into their arm... it's happening folks! The problem with parents and staff is going to be an issue because we do live in a small community, but it’s not a contest to see who is liked the most. So what if everyone doesn't like the principal or assistant principal. If they are doing their job keeping the bad apples away from the good, then life would be great. We must demand more from our schools to ensure that drugs are removed as well as proper punishment is handed down when needed. Just one last thing… underage drinking. Is it a problem? YES. Too many parents are trying to be the “cool” parents and allowing kids to drink at their homes. Most of the parents have no clue this is happening and may not believe it now. We have to crack down on this. It's a major problem and I think educating our kids starts at the school and should continue at home. We should all know what our kids are doing and their friends and not be afraid to speak up! 3 - Your education. Folks, there are kids that graduated just a year ago that are addicted to Meth and various other drugs. This problem isn't just in Mustang, but if we stand together on this, we can make a difference. Educate yourself on the signs of drug and alcohol abuse before it is too late. Know where your kids are and what they are doing. I don't care if they have a driver’s license and come and go as they please, you are still their parent and you should know where they are. In closing, I apologize right now if I offend ANYONE that is not my intent. I tell you all of this anonymously to protect myself as I am within the areas that I speak and I am tired of it being pushed under the rug or ignored. You don't have to take my word for any of this, but I challenge you to get involved and verify my information for yourself. Go to the school board and demand a change, talk to the police and demand records (you have a right), don't stop at Mustang, go to Oklahoma City Police and Canadian County Sheriff's Office and see what is really happening in and around your city. Demand a proactive approach for drugs on your street and if the city doesn't respond contact the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics or the Canadian County Sheriff's Office. If the City of Mustang won't take care of it, these other departments will. PLEASE don’t sit back and say “WOW, there are some kids that need help, I’m just glad it’s not mine!” IT VERY WELL COULD BE!!! I will be looking for your comments and would be more than willing to discuss this privately if you prefer! My email address is Thank you and god bless!

Submitted By: Anonymous FriendSubmitted: 10/28/2011
I was shocked to see the story about Officer Blaine Condreay being arrested. I have known him and his wife for years and have been to their home and seen how both he and his wife discipline the kids. I DO NOT believe for a second that Officer Condreay used any excessive force at any time on either of the kids. Blaine has always treated the kids like they are his own and he never calls them stepchildren. He calls them his son and daughter. He has always been patient and kind with the kids and they are good kids. I have learned alot about parental discipline from both he and his wife. They set a great example as parents. Blaine is dedicated to his job and is a great police officer. Mustang needs more like him.

Submitted By: Choctaw guySubmitted: 10/30/2011
I believe we should promote the farmrs market in Choctaw creek park. We should use this area to bring culture and small town connections back.

Submitted By: Dan McMillanSubmitted: 12/2/2011
WHO IS RUNNING OUR CITY.I moved here a little over two years ago and ive yet to figure out what our City Council is doing to make Minco a better city . We had five police officers when i moved here. Now we have three. Our water is still not drinkable,and they dont seem to be in touch with the citizens needs or care. Executive session seems to be enacted at every council meeting. We as citizenshave the right to know were our tax dollars are going. But the council and mayor act like they dont know wgats going on. Or how much money the city has in its bank accounts. Send help please.

Submitted By: call it like I see itSubmitted: 3/15/2012
If the city of Tuttle is ever hurting for money, just send the cops over to N Richland Rd. Our street is like a race track, car and trucks running every bit of 60 mph. Just come over and hang out from the hours of 8:45 pm to 9:45p.m. these young kids racing up and down the street with there stupid booming music playing. I moved out here 6 years ago. and it was nice and quiet. now with the new additions they have built it has brought some youngsters that have no respect for other people. I a sure you the town would be living high on the hog if they spent some time over here on richland rd giving out tickets for speeding and disturbing the peace. Looks like it is time to sell my house and move farther out in the country.

Submitted By: AnonymousSubmitted: 10/26/2012
To the person who was shocked over the arrest of Officer Blaine Condreay, I have known him for most of his life. My family trusted him, and in 1991 he betrayed that trust by lying to several members of my family which ended in a rift between us. He also assaulted my wife in my parents front yard. I was present as were my parents and my brother. He is very capable and willing to resort to violence, and we don't need more officers like him. I would suggest that you don't know him as well as you think you do. I have seen more violence from him on other occasions that I did not recount here.

Submitted By: Jack FisherSubmitted: 11/2/2012
I am an employee of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office and am very proud to serve the Sheriff and the citizens of this county. I have been in law enforcement for over 28 years and hope to continue for many more. I make this post knowing that if Mr. Moore were to win the office that I stand a good chance of being terminated from my position. There are only two choices you have to make in life and that is the right one and the wrong one. I choose to make the right one no matter what the cost. Sheriff Edwards is the right choice. He truely cares about his office and the citizens in Canadian County. He has brought the office into the 21st century and laid the foundation to continue to implement programs that will enhance the agency and provide the best service to the community that is possible. He has had to make some tough decicions at times in reference to employees and as a result had two (now one) opponets for this office. Sheriff Edwards has spent money during his term but all has been for the good of all of us. But, he has also done so by using the money in a manner that would provide services at the least expensive way possible. Sheriff Edwards has proven himself during his time in office as a man of integrity, honesty, professionalism, and a leader. He has laid a foundation that he can only improve upon. The opponent claims that he can save money. He can’t save any more money than the Sheriff has already saved and continue to provide you with the service you deserve. The opponent states that employees are unhappy. I for one am happy to serve you. Anyone of you that runs a business or simplly works anywhere know that there is always a few that are not happy no matter what you do. They should just focus on the task at hand and focus on doing the best job that they can do. Keep in mind also that the opponent was a supervisor and did have the power to fix and repair things that he thought were in need, yet he did not. Example: The opponent says there is not any patrol in the unincorporated areas of the county. Firstly, this is not true. He was a shift supervisor responsible for his shift. It was his duty (being paid a Sgt. salary), not the Sheriff’s, to ensure that all policy and procedure was to be followed while he was on duty. That is why the agency has supervisors. If he thought this was an issue, he himself should have and did have the power to fix it. He generally stayed in one area so he did not know what was going on in the rest of the county. If you cannot run your area of responsibility, then you will not be able to run the entire agency. I believe that if you just look at the accomplishments that Sheriff Edwards has made, and look at what the future holds, then you will see yourself who you should vote fore. Again, there is the right choice and the wrong choice. I know the choice that I will make and it is the right one. I encourage you to search out FACTS and support Sheriff Edwards. Jack Fisher

Submitted By: Jennifer PalmerSubmitted: 11/2/2012
HELLO GOOD AND BRIGHT CITIZENS OF CANADIAN COUNTY!!!!!! Please please take the time to read this! We are 5 days away from the election and I am usually not big into politics, but I want to let you all know that you need to go out and vote for Sheriff Randall Edwards on November 6th. There have been many misleading or...ambiguous statements made by Sheriff Edwards’ opponent in recent news articles and I wanted to clear a few of these up as well. Sheriff Randall Edwards is the incumbent candidate for Canadian County Sheriff. Sheriff Edwards was elected Canadian County Sheriff in 2008. There are many, many reasons Sheriff Edwards should remain the Sheriff of Canadian County and I would like to share a few with you. Sheriff Edwards is NOT a politician, but a law enforcement officer. For those of you in the law enforcement community, you know there is a huge different. Sheriff Edwards does not do the popular thing, or the thing that will ensure votes or re-election. Sheriff Edwards does those things he believes are the right thing for the citizens of the county and the employees of his agency even in the face of overwhelming opposition or dissent. For instance, instead of taking money away from the juvenile programs in Canadian County to pay for a new jail, Sheriff Edwards decided there had to be a better way to correct the jail problem without robbing the children of the county of a program that is investing in their future. Despite support for this idea, Sheriff Edwards took a stand and said no, that the futures of our children were more important and he would find another solution. Sheriff Edwards has worked with other agencies in the county and they have found a solution to the jail problem. Sheriff Edwards’ opponent thought the money should have been re-directed from the juvenile programs and funneled back into building a new jail facility. Is this what you want? Sheriff Edwards and the Canadian County Commissioners recently broke ground on an addition to the jail that will add both dorm-style housing for minimum security inmates and more high-security areas to house more violent offenders. Sheriff Edwards was very clear and upfront about his goals for Canadian County when he campaigned in 2008 and he had fulfilled each and every one of these goals to the benefit of the citizens of this county. Sheriff Edwards has brought back the K9 division and there are currently four working canines: Gunner, Blik, Jackson, and Edy. Sheriff Edwards recognized how important canines are to law enforcement in the 21st century and recognized the need for these highly specialized K9s. All of the canines are multi-purpose dogs, meaning they are able to detect narcotics, track a suspect, track a missing or lost child, locate missing articles or evidence, and are trained in bite work and suspect apprehension. Sheriff Edwards has brought back the Criminal Interdiction Division or CID, a division of deputies assigned to detect and intercept criminal activities in Canadian County focused on the interstate. In the past year and a half, this division has seized drug loads coming through Canadian County, intercepted money loads coming through Canadian County, and seized vehicles being used by drug traffickers to include a semi and trailer. These assets are then able to be confiscated and turned into assets to continue to support the work of the CID. Sheriff Edwards’ opponent is stating that the CID has not seized any substantial amounts of drugs or money in the past year, but the CID is focused on much more than drugs and money. The CID has been responsible for the detection and apprehension of suspects in a multi-jursidictional identity theft ring, the detection and apprehension of a child pornographer, the detection and apprehension of numerous felons with warrants, and most recently the detection and apprehension of a violent, armed, child rapist on the run from his crimes in Arkansas. CID is about much more than simply drugs and money. Sheriff Edwards understands this and the importance of the role of the CID in protecting the citizens of Canadian County. Sheriff Edwards’ opponent has stated multiple times to numerous media outlets that the CID is one of the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office that he would disband and remove from the interstate and place back into the unincorporated areas of the county so those deputies can focus on arresting the small town drug users instead of focusing on the criminal element using the interstate to further their criminal activities. Is this what you want? Sheriff Edwards assigned one investigator to focus on computer crimes and purchased a specialized computer for this investigator to use. This computer crimes investigator has been responsible for the detection and apprehension of 11 child pornography suspects to date. These are people who are preying on our children using the internet and the technology of our society. As a parent, I can tell you that I don’t care about the cost of this program, but I am comforted by the idea that someone is actively seeking to stop these child predators from manipulating my children and victimizing any child in this county. Sheriff Edwards’ opponent has stated numerous times that this specialized computer used to detect child predators and child pornographers was a frivolous waste of the citizen’s money. Is this what you think? Sheriff Edwards has been supportive of the juvenile center and its programs focused on preventing truancy from school and working to create healthy relationships with children in this county to show our children that their future is bright and promising and giving children resources to help them achieve their full potential. Do you agree with this? Sheriff Edwards’ opponent has made statements that the crime rate in Canadian County has risen drastically over the past 4 years. Let me put out a few things that Sheriff Edwards’ opponent isn’t telling you. Canadian County is the fastest growing county in the State of Oklahoma. People WANT to live here. With a population growth, there is also going to be a growth in the crime rate. More people in an area unfortunately mean more crimes will happen. Sheriff Edwards also has started requiring deputies to respond to any request for assistance from any citizen in the county. Sheriff Edwards understands that there are areas of the county where municipal law enforcement response to a citizen’s request may be drastically delayed. Sheriff Edwards decided that deputies would start responding to try to better provide law enforcement services to all the citizens of the county. Increased call volumes mean an increase in the crime rate. Deputies are taking more calls for service so naturally there is going to be an increase in the crimes reported through the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office. I could go on and on and on with all the accomplishments Sheriff Edwards has brought to Canadian County as the sheriff and also go on and on and on with the list of things that Sheriff Edwards’ opponent wants to tear down. If any of you have heard one positive campaign promise that Josh Moore has made during his campaign, please let me know what it is. All I have seen so far is complaints, negative statements, and statements about what Josh Moore plans on taking away from the citizens of this wonderful county. Please stand up for the progress Sheriff Edwards has made and show him that you believe he has shown that he has the skills, knowledge, and capability to continue to make progress for the citizens of Canadian County.

Submitted By: Amber Submitted: 2/22/2013
Just a warning to everyone, think about locking lug nuts on your wheels. Its quite a shock to wake up to your vehicle being put on blocks. All four of my tires and wheels were stolen. In addition, we previously had my husbands pickup broken into and people going into our backyard to see what they can take. Robberies are up, prrotect yourselves!

Submitted By: D CrumSubmitted: 4/14/2013
Found April 13, 2013: Brown Female dog, SW 89 between Czech Hall & Cemetary Rd, Mustang. Very attentive and knows commands. Chased a coyote out of the pasture this morning. Please claim or take for your family. 376-3641

Submitted By: ron seikelSubmitted: 7/23/2013
As a retired military officer I'm thrilled to return to small town USA living like here in Tuttle. So often I hear of supporting local business and keeping your money spent locally. It's a shame that some people in local business are money hungry and dishonest in dealings that they drive you out of town. Such is the case when I recently tried to buy my eye glasses locally. I'll never go to that place again and the distasteful treatment was such that it puts a black mark on all local business. It's truly a shame. Yet, as word is passed I'm sure their fate is sealed and those above board in business will survive and prosper.

Submitted By: Angie PiperSubmitted: 9/9/2013
I know this might sound silly, but the Western Days Parade didn't really do candy this year! Is there a reason for that? My children enjoyed the parade but were disappointed that there wasn't very much candy being given our or thrown.

Submitted By: Marshal JumaSubmitted: 1/22/2014
Last week I read in the paper that the City of Mustang would be resurfacing and repairing SW 89th St. I am just curious if the city officials have driven down that street since the "resurface and repair" took place? The repair job is rougher than the before product and I hope we did not spend a penny of our tax dollars to this less than sufficient job. Is it just me or did others notice?

Submitted By: KateSubmitted: 7/11/2014
I understand sgt mangrum and cpl Condreay were promoted recently but I haven't nseen anynstories about it.

Submitted By: Jimmy CraigSubmitted: 11/4/2014
After months of waiting, Jason White Blvd, going south off of Hi37 is now open!!!! Big Fan Fare!!!!! NOT!!!! Have you driven on that "long awaited opening"??? If you expect a "smooth" ride, - forget it!!!! You would have thought the City of Tuttle had contracted a "bunch of amateurs" to do the project!!!! - If you can't detect the waviness in the ride, - just look at the unevenness of the center line stripes! - It's a Sad Commentary of the state of affairs in the City of Tuttle. First of all, for weeks at a time, nothing was being done to the Street, while student and local traffic was being diverted! - And then when it finally got open, - this is what we get!!!! Appalling!!!! Who ever signed the contract for the city or county to get this project underway, - should be held accountable! There should have been a "delayed clause" which would have fined the contractor daily for not completing the project at a set date. Tremendous delays!!! If there was no contractor and the project was performed by city or county workers, - "Shame on us"!!!! Our Tax dollars should have gotten a more professional results than what we currently have!!! The City Manager, and who ever else was involved in this project, - should be terminated immediately!!!! We, the People of Tuttle, deserve MORE from our hard earned Tax Dollars!!!!!

Submitted By: Fred AyersSubmitted: 12/9/2014
ROTARY, ROTARY, ROTARY. The Rotary Club of Mustang, Oklahoma will be meeting during the lunch hour of 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in 2015. Rotary is a Service Organization that takes on projects locally and worldwide for the benefit of humankind in the areas of water purity, sanitation and most importantly, polio eradication. To learn more about how your Rotary Club helps and can help in local programs as well as international programs, attend the lunch meeting and most of all, consider joining this highly regarded organization. See you at our next luncheon beginning January 13, 2015. Rotary meets at “TAX NOW”, 1321 East Highway 152.

Submitted By: robert frickSubmitted: 4/5/2015
Mustang pd allows animals to run freely. Can't even go out of my house when I want to. You call them due to a free running animal and they tell you that animal control isn't available so they can't help. I guess when a small child or someone else is attacked and possibly severely injured or worse KILLED, they will take actions. Well I guess one of their officers needs to be bitten by a free roaming animal. If they do, all that I will have to say is I TOLD YOU SO. They better not kill the animal because they failed to be able to reach animal control. Such a biased "CITY???"

Submitted By: AnnonymousSubmitted: 4/15/2015
Minco school board voted Monday night to relief Coach Duvall of his 21+ years of coaching boys basketball and girls softball. Their reasons for this do not make sense as one of them is lack of respect from the players yet the board meeting was packed with past and present players there to support him. Another reason was lack of discipline and this stems from Coach Duvall not allowing Mr. Clint Shirley to bully players and force players off the team just so his kid got playing time. The final reason was lack of worth ethic, which I don't understand this one at all. Coach Duvall is an outstanding Christian man who put his players before all others. Because he bucked the system and stood up to Mr. Shirley he was targeted and relieved of his coaching duties. There is an outcry of support for Coach Duvall in Minco and there is a cry for the school board to be revoked of their seats. This is unfair justice in the town of Minco.

Submitted By: Renee WyckoffSubmitted: 10/3/2015
I'm blown away each week with the John Martin pieces. HE IS NOTHING SHORT OF INCREDIBLE! You are so lucky to have him, and I just many people out there agree?? PLEASE keep him FOREVER. His 'stories' are so good!


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