Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Former Bronco, Bronson Irwin, gets set for a play at his first OTA in Seattle last month. (Photo provided)

By Trey Hunter
Mustang Times
Staff Writer

How was your first NFL mini-camp?

My first mini-camp went well. When I first got up there we had rookie mini-camp with just the young guys. And then we had OTA’s followed by mandatory mini-camps and about 15 practices and I learned a lot. Definitely picking up on the speed and picking up on the scheme and just trying to learn the system.

What are some of the major differences between the college and NFL level?

The game tempo is higher. There’s not quite as much instruction in the sense that they kind of expect you to learn it. They don’t really walk you through it as much like they did in college for the younger guys. That’s been different for me. Just trying to learn the system has been the biggest thing for me so far.

What are NFL workouts like?

There’s more of an emphasis on injuries and injury prevention. Just marinating your body and flexibility and mobility with your joints and stuff like that. As far as practice, some of the guys have been in the system for five, six or seven years and those are the guys you really try to be around and soak up as much knowledge as you can. That’s what I’ve been trying to do with some of the veterans we have.

What’s the NFL culture like?

There’s not a lot of rookie hazing. Maybe that’s still coming, but the older guys are very receptive and helpful when you ask them questions. It’s kind of similar to college in the way that the older guys really take care of the younger guys and help them learn the system.

Have you spent time with vets like Richard Sherman or Russell Wilson?

Richard Sherman’s locker is right next to mine, so I listen to him talk every day. He’s a smart guy and not quite what people think he is. He’s kind of got that reputation just from the NFC Championship last year, but he’s a pretty level-headed and good guy from what I can tell. 

Is there anybody that you’ve latched on to?

The offensive line is a pretty tight-knit group. There are a lot of younger guys and there’s only a few that have been there more than two or three years. They’re definitely pretty tight and we hang out with each other a lot.

What’s it like playing for Pete Carroll?

It’s been great. Coach Carroll is a player’s coach for sure. He makes it fun and really puts an emphasis on competition and competing with each other to make each other better. Coach (Tom) Cable, the offensive line coach, has been great. He’s been really helpful and obviously they’re good at what they do and that shows from last year.

What do you expect at your first training camp?

I don’t really know exactly what to expect. It will be a similar schedule to OTAs, but the practices will be more intense. They will be full pad practices. It being my first training camp, everyone says just to be in good shape and stay up on your plays. I’m kind of going into it with an open mind and am excited to see what happens.

What’s the main message going into training camp?

The only thing we can do right now is stay in shape, stay healthy and learn the playbook. We installed the entire system throughout OTAs so we have all of the information. It’s just a matter of learning it at this point.

How tough is it to learn a new system in a short period of time?

That’s been the most challenging thing for me. Just learning a pro-style system, especially coming from Oklahoma (University). We didn’t really run a pro-style system. We had multiple tight ends and fullbacks and wings, obviously we did some, but not to the degree of what they do in the NFL.

How is the transition from Oklahoma to Seattle?

Seattle is great. The weather has been great. I was there for about six weeks and I think it rained only three times. The mountains and lakes are awesome. There’s definitely a diverse population in every aspect. You have city people and country people, it’s a really cool area.



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