Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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A horse-drawn carriage carrying several children at Mustang Centennial Elementary tipped over during a land run reenactment on Tuesday. School officials say none of the injuries were life-threatening. (Staff photo by Jon Watje)
Emergency crews responded to the accident just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday. (Staff photo by Jon Watje)

By Jon Watje
Manager Editor

A land run reenactment at a Mustang elementary school made a turn for the worst after a horse-drawn carriage flipped over, injuring several students and teachers.

Mustang police and fire responded to Centennial Elementary just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.

"They were having a land run festival at the school outdoors with food and other events," said Mustang Police Chief Chuck Foley. "As part of the festivities, they had two horses pulling a carriage. The carriage looked like it had been set up for passengers and at some point something went wrong and we found the carriage tipped over on its side."

Mustang Public Schools Spokeswoman Shannon Rigsby said nine children were on board the carriage when it tipped over.  Several ambulances were on scene to help treat the injured.

"We were having a land run reenactment today and the horse-drawn wagon flipped over," Rigsby said. "We had nine children, two teachers, a high school student and the driver on board when it happened."

As far as the injuries of the occupants, Rigsby said none of them were life-threatening.

"The driver has been transported to a hospital," she said.

Superintendent Sean McDaniel said the cause of the accident started with a malfunction of the carriage.

"It appears we had a malfunction with carriage ride and at some point with a load of kids and a couple of teachers, the malfunction startled the horses, they took off and flipped the carriage," he said. "The injuries varied from abrasions to bumps to scrapes. We are confident based on the reports from our first responders that none of them are life-threatening. If the carriage had rolled over, it could of been a lot worse."

McDaniel said the district worked to notify parents of students at the school about the situation.

"We immediately contacted the parents of those that we identified as injured and we also sent out a robo call to all the households that have students at Centennial," he said. "We are also thankful to our first responders who were quick to get here to assist us."

Visitor Comments
Submitted By: Joyce Submitted: 4/27/2014
I understand that the school did not properly notify parents of the horse-carriage ride, nor did they get permission slips signed, but the outcome will have still been the same! Would you not had signed the slip for your child to enjoy the activities? My heart goes out to all that was hurt and thank The Lord that it was not worse than it was, but come on people accidents happen! Our school was only trying to do something FUN in teaching our children and I for one think that the did a great job. My daughter was there with my granddaughter and helped with the hurt children, she was very impressed with ALL staff members in addressing the situation. Let's just be grateful that no one was seriously hurts! Let's be grateful for having a school system that have such things for our children to attend! Let's STOP trying to put the blame on everyone else, because in the end it was an accident that would've happened even if you signed a slip! The only difference a slip would've of made, you

Submitted By: Shawn Hicks Submitted: 4/22/2014
My daughter is one of the two children that went to the hospital. She is doing better but bless her for caring more about the health of the other students than herself. What I'm really concerned about is that her mother and I were led to believe that the children would be in small radio flyer wagons, not a large horse drawn carriage. We received no permission slips and I have been calling every person associated with the school all day, the phones are off and I have received no calls back from my numerous emails and messages. I am very concerned with this schools approach to a situation in which my daughter could have been gravely injured.

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