Tuesday, August 19, 2014
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Jennifer Marie Young, pleadedguilty to embezzling money from the Centennial Elementary PTA.

By Jon Watje
Managing Editor 

A former Mustang Centennial Elementary PTA president pleaded guilty to charges of embezzlement.

Jennifer Marie Young was charged with embezzlement after Mustang police took a report from the association in January of 2011. A warrant for her arrest was issued in August of 2013 and she was arrested on Aug. 20, 2013. 

She will be  supervised by the DA's office and will be required to complete her probationary requirements, pay restitution and fines. Under the plea agreement, it allows her to pay back the money and do 25 hours of community service.

Joe Voit, who served as the past president of the Centennial PTA before Young, said although he is happy there was some closure to the case, he was disappointed that most of the money he claimed was embezzled was not accounted for in her conviction.

"She was convicted for embezzling around $960, but there was almost $19,000 that was not accounted for," Voit said. "It is very disheartening because a lot of that money could have gone towards the kids, but now it’s gone."

Voit said Young conducted unlawful activities while she served on the PTA.

"She held duties of not only the president, but as the treasurer as well, which is against state PTA by-laws," he said. "She also opened a separate checking account under the PTA without any approval from board members and did so without a second signee, which is also against the by-laws."

Voit said Young used PTA funds for personal use, from paying bills to even purchasing a tanning membership.

He said the investigation and the case forced the PTA to shut down, but a new PTA formed at Centennial for this school year.

"There are a lot of people upset over this, but at least we have some closure now," Voit said. "Although I am no longer on the PTA board, I am still very involved and will continue to be because I have a child that attends school here."

Visitor Comments
Submitted By: David Submitted: 2/19/2014
A long time Mustang High School secretary was arrested in the 80's for embezzlement. She didn't go to prison. I say lock em up.

Submitted By: Joe Submitted: 2/19/2014
Actually, there is no jail time, yet. She was given a 1 yr deferred sentence. If she complies with the terms of her probation from a previous embezzlement conviction, and the terms of this conviction, then there won't be jail time. I think it was stated inaccurately in the article.

Submitted By: Belinda Submitted: 2/18/2014
While a person should be made to pay for their crimes, I can't see how burdening the taxpayer with the expense of a one year prison sentence in exchange for $1000 to $20,000 embezzlement is the solution. I think restitution and community service would be more appropriate. I hate such cases, John Q Public loses out not just once due to the crime, but twice when we have to pay for the imprisonment of a non-violent criminal.

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